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We’ve crafted our menu to provide our customers with the best of our traditional South Indian recipes. We’ve also tried to make our menu inclusive to all our diners with as many dishes being suitable for vegetarians, vegan friendly or gluten free.

Talk to our staff on your dietary requirements and we will always do our best to help….

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From the street cart


Masala vadai (V) (GF) (VF) – Falafel like famous Madras street snack and red cabbage coleslaw.4.95

Sambar vadai (V) (GF) (VF) – Lentil donuts simmered in one pot lentil & vegetable broth. 5.35

Stuffed Kozhukattai (V) (VF) – Dim sum’s filled with garden vegetables. Smoke chilli & shallots. Poor man’s dip. 5.95

Cauliflower Bezule (V) (GF) (VF) – Spicy Manglorian cauliflower. Okra yoghurt dip. 5.95

Spiced Sundal (V) (GF) (VF) – Slow cooked chick peas, chilli, green mango, coconut & lime, served chilled. 2.95

Porucha Vendaka (V) (GF) (VF) – Crispy okra stuffed with nuts, lentils and spicy hummus. 5.75   

Chilli Paneer (V) (GF) (VF) – Indian cottage cheese tossed with red chilli sauce and spring onion. 6.95

Karuveppilai Eral (GF) – Lentil and curry crusted King Prawns, curry mayo. 6.75

Chicken 65 (GF) – Famous fiery bar snack from Chennai. 6.55

Chilli chicken (GF) – Chicken cubes with famous Indo-Chinese sauce. 6.45

Beef Sukka (GF) – Slow roasted beef, crushed pearl onion and coconut. 6.95

Madras Masala Mussels (GF) – Mussel meat, chilli spice coating, sand roasted peanuts. 6.95

Tamarind wings (GF) – Chicken wings, tamarind & palm sugar glace. 5.45

Sautéed prawns (GF) – King prawns, whole red chilli, crushed shallots & coconuts. 6.75

Peppers squid (GF) – Flash fried mixed whole baby squid, peppers, chilli, garlic & spring onions. 6.75


From Dosa Griddle

Most famous Indian street food served with spicy hummus and slow roasted tomato compote. 

Plain Dosa (V) (VF) (GF) – Crispy savoury pan cake, ghee drizzle.  5.95

Masala Dosa (V) (GF) (VF) – Filled with crushed new potato and cashew nuts, ghee drizzle. 7.50

Spinach and Red Kidney Beans Dosa (V) (GF) (VF) – Chilli flakes, garlic,Sauted spinach and red kidney beans. 7.95

Chicken Thoran Dosa (GF) – Hand minced chicken, roasted cumin, crushed coconut andTravancore spices. 8.25

Beef Dosa (GF) – Pulled beef, button onions, coconut slivers & Malabar spice. 9.55


From Oothappam Griddle

Rice & lentil  Indian griddle pizza served with spicy hummus and slow roasted tomato compote.

 Classic Oothappam (V)(GF)(VF) – Onion, tomato, coriander and green chilli.  6.95

 Cabbage and beetroot Oothappam (V)(VF)(GF)  – Sautéed cabbage, beetroot and spices.  7.75

 Paneer and cheese Oothappam (V)(GF) – Sautéed Paneer, garden peas & cheddar cheese.  8.25

Chicken thoran Oothappam (GF) – Hand minced chicken, Travancore spices.  7.75

Beef Oothappam (GF) – Pulled beef, button onions & Malabar spice.  8.55


(V) – Vegetarian                    (VF) – Vegan Friendly                     (GF)-Gluten Free                                            


Briyani counter

Thalassery Lamb Briyani (VF) – Tellicherry black pepper lamb layered with fragrant rice, caramelised onion, nuts, ghee and spices. 12.95

Green jack fruit Biriyani (V)(VF)(GF) – Jackfruit layered with coconut rice nuts, saffron and spices.  10.25


From the Curry Pot.

 Cauliflower Masala(V)(VF) (GF) cauliflower in  thick onion and tomato Masala 9.75

Panner Ghassi(V) (VF) (GF)- Spicy Manglorian Pannercurry,roasted red chillies,coconut milk  10.55

Kaikari mandi (V)(GF)(VF) – Jack fruit, green plantain, Indian vegetables, coconut milk.  9.85

Vendaka kozhumbu (V) (VF) (GF) – Stuffed okra, roasted seasame & peanut gravy.   9.95

Chicken Ghassi(GF) – Spicy Manglorian Chicken curry,roasted red chillies,coconut milk.10.15

Alleppey Fish curry (GF) – Sea bass poached in mild spiced coconut broth.  11.95

Milagu Kozhi (GF) – Black pepper, sautéed onion spice & chicken.  10.15

Naadan Keralan Beef Curry (GF) – Malabar spiced home style Beef curry.  10.95

Kari Kulambu (GF) – Slow cooked lamb scented with smoked garlic & mint.  11.75

Prawn and cauliflower Masala (GF) – Prawn and cauliflower thick onion and tomato Masala.  12.15


Side orders

 Sambar Small /Side  (V) (VF) (GF) – one pot vegetable and lentil stew 1.55/3.25

Coconut rice (V) (VF) (GF) – Basmati rice flavoured with coconut 3.65

 Lemon Rice (V) (VF) (GF) – Basmati rice lemon and turmeric seasoning 3.25

 Steamed rice (V) (VF) (GF) – steamed basmati rice 2.95

Ghee Pulao Rice (lamb)(GF)-   Basmati rice, lamb stock and aromatic whole spices 3.95                                                                                       

Thattu Dosas (V) (VF) (GF) – 2 soft savoury rice and lentil pan cake  3.25

Gunpowder potato wedges (V) (VF) (GF) – All-time favourite potato wedges with gunpowder dusting   3.25

Coconut chutney(V) (VF) (GF) –  Indian style coconut pesto dip.0.99

Malabar Porathas (V) (VF) – 2 Flaky Malabar style Indian bread 3.45


Sweet Finisher

Golden Plantain (V) (VF) (GF) – Poached plantain with palm sugar glace and vanilla ice cream. 5.45

Amma’s Mess (V) (GF) – Rasamalai topped with cardamom cream, pomegranate seeds & nuts. 6.55

Trio Dessert (V) – Mini gulab jamun, carrot halwa and Kulfi ice cream. 6.35

Three scoops of Ice cream (V) (GF) – Vanilla, Strawberry & Cream, Raspberry Ripple and Triple Chocolate. 3.95


(V) – Vegetarian                    (VF) – Vegan Friendly                     (GF)-Gluten Free                                            



COBRA premium extra smooth 4.8% crisp, clean, refreshing and vegan. PINT 4.65/HALF PINT                     2.70

MALABAR BLONDE IPA  4.7% Ginger & Lemon with slight peppery warmth PINT 4.95/HALFPINT                2.80 

KING COBRA double fermented in champagne style bottle (375ml)                                                                   5.95                                               

Bottle Beers(330ML) KINGFISHER/PERONI /  COBRA/COBRA ZERO                                                                     3.55                                               

Peacock  Apple Cider (500ml)                                                                                                                             5.65                                                                                                     


WHITE WINE                                                                                                            175ml / 250ml / 750ml

SERENO PINOT GRIGIO ITALY Light citrus aromas juicy fruits and just a hint of vanilla on the palate             5.45/6.95/17.95

CENTRAL MONTE CHARDONNY CHILE aromas of citrus fruit and peach that transfer to apple and honey.  5.55/6.95/18.25

INKOSI CHENIN BLANC SOUTH AFRICA Off-dry, bursting with citrus & pineapple aromas, clean finish.         5.55/6.95/18.25



CENTRAL MONTE MERLOT CHILE A beautiful bouquet of black cherries and red summer fruits. Soft tannins on the palate make a smooth and balanced wine                                                                                                                                5.45/6.95/18.25

INKOSI SHIRAZ SOUTH AFRICA Dark aromas of plum and smoky black pepper giving way to a fruit palate   5.55/6.95/18.25

FAUSTINO RIVERO JOVEN RIOJA SPAIN A bright wine with red berry aromas underscored by notes of liquorice           20.85



SERINO PINOT GRIGIO BLUSH ROSE ITALY Light fresh strawberry flavors and very easy drinking                  5.45/6.85/17.95

INKOSI, PINOTAGE ROSE SOUTH AFRICA An abundance of juicy summer fruits very Moorish.                      5.55/6.95/18.25



PROSECCO SERENELLO EXTRA DRY ITALY The delicious aromas of apple and pear melt into a smooth and fresh wine.  25.75

PROSECCO CUVEE 1821 ZONIN ITLAY Very well-balanced and appealing with the extremely delicate almond note.       28.75

PROSECCO ROSE ZONIN ITALY ROSE BRUT                                                                                                                                       28.75



JUICE –MANGO, ORANGE, APPLE                                                                                                                                    2.50

MANGO LASSI                                                                                                                                                                      4.25

LEMONADE, COKE, DIET COKE                                                                                                                                         2.50

COCONUT WATER                                                                                                                                                               3.25

STILL/SPARKLING                                                                                                                                                                1.95



Tea /Coffee/Cappuccino/Latte 2.25     

 Espresso (Single) 1.50 (Double) 3.00                                                                                                                              

LiveRES Demo Unit